Case Services Assessment

In 2003, Judge Kovack expanded the Community Service program to provide a Case Services Assessment for all cases involving children.  The Case Services Assessment is a limited investigation that is used by the Court to identify any emotional, health, financial, academic, and/or occupational needs of the parties and the children.

  • WHO: All parties to a newly-filed divorce, annulment or legal separation action, as well as post-decree motions involving modifications of custody/parenting time, will meet with a Court Investigator and will participate in the Case Services Assessment.  Attorneys are not required to attend or participate in the Case Services Assessment.
  • WHAT: After meeting with the parties, the Court Investigator will prepare a written report detailing his observations, concerns and recommendations, which may include mediation, counseling, drug testing, and/or the appointment of guardian ad litem.  The Court Investigator will submit a report that will be maintained in the Court’s case services file, which will be available for review by attorneys and by self-represented litigants.
  • WHEN: Typically, the Case Services Assessment is conducted 30-60 days after the initial filing.
  • WHERE: The Case Services Assessment is conducted at the courthouse, 99 Public Square, 2nd Floor, Medina, Ohio  44256.
  • WHY: The Court will consider the report and recommendations, and may, in its discretion, order the Court Investigator to interview any paramours, the minor child(ren), and/or other interested parties.

**Case Services Assessments are authorized by R.C. 3109.04(C) and Ohio Civil Rule 75.**

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