• ‘Incompatibility’ is the most common ground for divorce.  For a full list of grounds for divorce, please see R.C. 3105.01.
  • In order to be granted a divorce, you must prove grounds and your grounds must be corroborated.  This means that at least two people must testify that grounds exist.
  • This is typically accomplished by the parties each testifying, but there are circumstances where a witness may need to be called to corroborate grounds.
  • You can file for divorce if you have lived in Ohio for six (6) months, and in Medina County for ninety (90) days prior to filing.
  • If you are the person filing for divorce, you are called the Plaintiff.
  • You have twenty-eight (28) days after being served with your spouse’s Complaint to respond with an Answer.
  • If you are the person filing an Answer (and/or Counterclaim), you are called the Defendant.
In addition to filing an Answer to the Complaint, the Defendant may file a Counterclaim to request a divorce from the Plaintiff.
You should review the checklists for Divorce with Children and Divorce without Children to make sure that you have included everything in your Complaint or Counterclaim.
  • You will be scheduled for initial hearing, which is called the Case Management Hearing.
  • At the Case Management Hearing, the Judge or Magistrate will meet with you, your spouse, and/or your attorneys to discuss the facts and issues of your case.
  • If you have minor children, you and your spouse will be scheduled for a Case Services Assessment.
  • Your Case Services Assessment will likely be scheduled and conducted before the Case Management Hearing.
  • A divorce without children will typically last 6-9 months.
  • A divorce with children will typically last 9-12 months.
  • Depending on the issues in dispute, a more complex divorce may last 12-18 months.
If you reach a full agreement prior to the date for the final trial, you or your attorney can call the Court to schedule an uncontested divorce hearing.
  • A contested divorce is where both parties disagree to at least one issue in the divorce proceeding.
  • An uncontested divorce is any divorce where the parties are in full agreement or when one party chooses not to participate in the divorce proceedings.
  • Corroborating witness: because grounds for divorce must be corroborated (e.g., require two witnesses), you must bring a corroborating witness to testify at the uncontested divorce hearing.

NOTE: The Court is prohibited by law from offering legal advice.  The information and forms on this website are not intended to be a substitute for good legal advice.

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