Mural Project at the Gift Exchange Center

Judge Mary Kovack, in conjunction with the Medina Arts Council, is pleased to announce that work has begun on a mural project at the Medina County Domestic Relations Court’s Gift Exchange Center, located at 4046 Medina Road, Medina.  When finished, the mural project will contain at least five separate murals, and will cover hundreds of square feet of walls that were previously painted plain white.  “This mural project will help transform the Gift Exchange Center into a much more inviting, more fun, and more kid-friendly place to be, a place where children will be able to develop healthy relationships with both parents.”  (Judge Mary Kovack).

Local artists from the Medina Arts Council, Pat Chaloupek (Project Chair), Paulette Grubb, Kathy Kraus, and Vicki Sheridan, have been working on the mural project for several weeks.  These local artists have already donated a generous amount of their time to bring this mural project and the Gift Exchange Center to life.  A famous artist once said that “a true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.”  In this way, “my hope is that these murals will not only inspire these children, but will also become a natural topic of conversation for parents and children alike.”  (Judge Mary Kovack).

The Medina Arts Council hopes to expand the mural project by inviting local high school students to help contribute to the murals.  The Medina County Bar Association has helped support the mural project by donating money to purchase paint and supplies for the local artists.  Medina County Auditor Mike Kovack has also helped support the mural project by donating $250 to the Medina County Bar Association for the purchase of paint and supplies.  “I am forever grateful to these local artists who have donated their time and energy to this mural project.  I am also grateful to the Medina County Bar Association and to Medina County Auditor Mike Kovack for donating the money necessary to help make this dream a reality.  This is truly a wonderful gift to the community.”  (Judge Mary Kovack).